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Email Jam is the name of the award-winning email marketing service from Redhead Media, a small but dynamic agency based in a charmingly rural office in Haslemere, Surrey. The company, run by husband and wife team Vincent and Kerry, boasts a creativity level and professionalism akin to that of a London agency, (but without the stress of the commute!). Clients range from small independent retailers and restaurants, to law firms and large plcs.

Since its inception in 2007, Redhead Media has been going from strength-to-strength – developing and honing its services to perfectly match the needs of its valued clients. While it began purely as a web design company, Redhead was always more than that – with many years of experience in marketing, the team were always focussed on increasing sales for their clients. And so they quickly realised that the retailers and corporate companies they were working with didn’t just need new websites, they also needed an email marketing service.

But not just any email marketing service. Redhead’s clients were (and are) busy people, usually either running their own business or working in a busy marketing department. Some of them had tried doing it themselves simply using Outlook, or online ‘do-it-yourself’ services such as Mail Chimp. The problem was, they didn’t have the time or the skills to use these programmes effectively, let alone regularly enough to get results.

And so Email Jam, the fully managed email marketing service, was born, and Redhead Media’s clients loved it. Retailers and companies loved the way they could just email their words and images to Redhead Media, who would turn it into a highly professional email that got results. Email Jam became worthy of its own fan-club amongst delighted clients, and it also won the ‘Professional and Commercial Services Award’ at the Trade & Commerce Business Awards (2011).

Redhead Media provides its web design and Email Jam service to retailers and corporate companies of all sizes from all over the UK, and has a great time doing it.

“Working with Redhead Media has always been a pleasure. They have designed and created two websites for me and I use their brilliant Email Jam service where they create and send my monthly emails to my customers. Friendly, professional, results-driven and good value. What more could you ask for?”
Mel Rollinson, Owner of Woodie & Morris

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