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Initial set-up costs

There are a 3 things we need to do for you so that you’re ready to use our monthly service. Each involves a simple one-off cost as follows (all prices are subject to VAT):

1. Your Email Design (Option A or B)

Option A:£120

Customised Template with Bespoke Header
View example »One of our professionally designed, fully-tested email templates will be customised to your own branding. The important top header section of the email will be a fully bespoke design to reflect your branding.

Option B:£350

Fully Bespoke Email Design
View example »Stand out from the crowd with a totally unique, creative and eye-catching email design from top to bottom, including custom graphics that enhance your brand. Slick corporate, high fashion, shabby chic – you name it we do it.

2. Your Bespoke Email Marketing Plan

Bespoke Email Marketing Plan (FREE with design Option B):£60

Everyone knows it’s better to start with a plan right? Well, we know how busy you are, so we do this for you. One of us will call you (at your convenience) for a discussion about your business, customers and sales objectives. We will then create a bespoke Email Marketing Plan for your business, complete with ideas on how to grow your list, how to increase sales through email marketing and specific ideas for content for the months ahead.

3.Technical Set-Up

Technical Set-Up:£15

We upload your subscriber list (names and email addresses). We create SPF, Sender ID and DomainKeys/DKIM (helping to identify your emails as ‘safe’ and avoiding junkmail/spam filters as well as preventing email forgery). We also create an account for you on our platform, enabling you to view results and reports of statistics from your emails, such as who opened/clicked your emails.

All prices are subject to VAT.

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