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What kind of results should I expect from my emails?

Open Rates

Usually we can expect open rates of between 20-40% (industry wide research). Inboxes get full, some people are on holiday and not everyone checks their email daily etc, but from our experience these figures are a good guide. Open rates of emails spike when they first go out, sometimes the next morning and then slowly over the next few weeks but this again depends on whether email addresses are business or private.

Open rate stats are only guides as this is tough to measure. A small image is included in the emails and then once the subscriber chooses to allow images, this small image is downloaded and the Ďopení is logged. If people choose not to view images, or are reading this message on a mobile (not a smartphone) that can only see text versions, they cannot be measured.

Click-throughs from emails

These vary from client to client and can range from 10 – 25%.

Bounce Rates

Bounces are emails that have come back from the recipientís server. There are many types of bounces from soft to hard with different types of both. Sometimes emails are incorrectly written or the mailbox is full or a company server is blocking. First emails of campaigns often have a higher bounce rate, which provides an opportunity to review these emails and if some domains are blocking we can look deeper and find out why.

All these figures (amongst others) can be seen immediately after the email has been sent.

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